"Seniors were kicks in '66" .  .  .  and still kickin' more than 50 years later!

   These are the Friday photos from our 50th Reunion.  You'll notice there is an identifying code on the bottom left of each photo.  If you want any of the photos, just give me that code and I can find and email you the original.  Remember, these pics are reduced but the originals are crystal clear and sharp. Now click on the 1st photo in each album and you can scroll thru the entire album by clicking on the forward or backward arrows on the side of each photo. Enjoy!  Thanks - Sandy Lynn at:  sandylynn@sbcglobal.net

This is album # 2  from Friday night of our Reunion.

This is album # 3 from Friday night of our Reunion.

Here's album # 1 from Friday night of our Reunion.

South Oak Cliff High School Class of 1966