.               Donnie & Barbara Fugate

             Sandy Lynn & Don Broughton
             Ada Ann Wingate
             Fay Pool
             Linda McCoy
             Marilou Staniec & Ben Clayton
             Jack & Glynda Hawkins
             Sammy & Sarah Smith
             Ronney & Connie McKee
             Linda Rich
             Donald Millican
             Rick Watts
             Zita Campbell
             Rick Mitchell    

             Gary Dagley 

             Cathy & Fred Nickols

             Richard Carter

             Susan Sunde

             Carol Carpenter

             Karen & Bobby Louton

             Ronnie & Nell Bush

             Jimmy & Sandi Hodnett

             Karen & Mike Davis

             Charlotte Walker

             Wayne & Jane Pennington

             Mario & Barbara Fuentes

             Roe & Carolyn Burrow

             Jimmy & Cari Martin

             Bob & Bonnie Dove

             Don Lincoln

             Larry & Pat Edwards

             Darlene Moree

             Janice Scallorn

             Charles Moss

             Jerry & Joyce Tillery

             Bovie & Charlene Browning

             Jimmie & Karen Hughes

             Moon & Shirley Mullins

             Richard Nance

             David & Dianna Thomas

             James & Kay Kidd

             Vernon Moreland

             Judy Bass

             Kathy Arrington

             Louis Langford

             Randy Conine

             Eddie Dick

             Adrienne Stearns 

             Judy & Jean Taillac

             Mary Spencer

             Eddie & Delores Cooley

             Linda Cottrell

             Gordy Johnson

Here's a list of who attended the 70th Birthday Party.  It was held on September 22, 2018 and It was a fun-filled night.  The only problem .  .  .  the time went by too fast!

"Seniors were kicks in '66" .  .  .  and still kickin' more than 50 years later!

South Oak Cliff High School Class of 1966