South Oak Cliff High School Class of 1966 

"Seniors were kicks in '66" .  .  .  and still kickin' more than 50 years later!

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Class of '66 70th Birthday Party was held on September  22, 2018!

                                                 Girl's July Luncheon

Yes, we will be having our Girl's July Luncheon on Saturday, 7 -20-24.  However, it will not be at a restaurant.  Instead, it will be at Ann DelRegno Hoose home!

You are cordially invited to the home of Ann Hoose for a Girl's lunch. It will be on Saturday, 7-20, at 11:30.  Ann will provide some appetizers, tea, a salad, plates & silverware.  She suggested that when you attend you bring one dish to share. With all the fresh vegetable and fruit in season, the possibilities are endless.  Also, if you have a favorite wine or other drink, feel free to bring it, there's no "corking fee" at Ann's house!  This will be so much fun as we can all mill around and visit rather than being confined to a table in a restaurant!  Thank you Ann!

Her address is: 3519 McFarlin Blvd. Dallas, 75205  Em:  or Em:
Please reply to Ann or me that you are coming so the host will know how many to expect.   


The 70th Birthday Party was a great success!  It was well attended and everyone had a really good time.  We had a big birthday cake that was not only beautiful, but it was also delicious!  Photos of the party are under the "Our Photos" page.  Click on photo to enlarge the beautiful cake!