"Seniors were kicks in '66" .  .  .  and still kickin' more than 50 years later!

         SOC '66ers celebrated 50 years!   1966 - 2016

South Oak Cliff High School Class of 1966 

             W E L C O M E !


    Welcome to the halls of South Oak Cliff High School, class of 1966.   We're glad you found our site and hope you will peruse the other pages.  2016 was our 50th Reunion year and we had a great time the weekend of September 23 and 24, 2016.  It was filled with fun and joy as we saw lots of old friends!  As time goes by we realize it doesn't matter what year you graduated, or how long you went to SOC, once a SOCite . . . always a SOCite.  What's important is that we stay in touch with one another and maintain our friendships! 

   Our site was created and originally aired on March 4, 2004.  However, as all things tend to do, it aged and became obsolete.   In January 2016 this new site debuted and hopefully it will serve our needs for many years to come.  Because nothing could be "rolled over" to the new site, it had to be created from scratch, many of the photos from our 40th and 45th reunions, as well as all our Get-Togethers, are not here.  But, they are all stored and will be added back onto the site as we go forward. 

   Our Guestbook is still in place and we hope you will click on the button below to join in on the conversations or at least leave us a message.  Also, be sure to check out our Events page.  That's where I post dates and places of our twice-a-year Mini Get-Togethers.  Although the 50th Reunion has come and gone,  you can check out the photos on the "50th Reunion" tab.


  In September 2018 we had a collective 70th B-day Party celebrating everyone turning 70.  Wow, who knew we'd live to be that old?!  If you missed it, you can see all the photos under the "Our Photos" tab.

  To everyone who attended the 50th Reunion and the 70th B-day Party, Thank You! It was a blast seeing you.  Hope to see you at one of our Mini Get-Togethers soon.  The Mini Get-Together info will be posted on our Event page.